Who We Are

Curtis Thomas

Curt is the General manager of Crestone Aviation. He moved to Colorado in 2006 to enjoy the beautiful vistas and to share his passion for aviation as an educator. Originally from Wisconsin Curtis began flying in 1991. After working as a geologist, he returned to his true calling and pursued a career in aviation. “I love the view from above and it is a great way to look at the western geology of the United States.” Curt has over 3000 hours instruction given and specializes in advanced instruction. His credentials include CFI (Certified Flight Instructor), CFI-IA (Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane), and MEI (Multi-Engine Instructor).


Nikkie Boroughs

Nikki joins our team with not only 6 years of certified flight instruction experience but with a love and joy of aviation itself. First learning to fly in the Grand Valley Nikki is very familiar with the mountainous terrain all of the beauty and excitement it holds. Finishing up her studies with a degree in Aviation Science Nikki will instill the main focal points of flying along with sharing her enthusiasm and passion the world of aviation holds.


Shon Kinston

Born and raised on the western slope of Colorado, Shon has been interested in flying as long as he can remember. Shon earned his commercial and flight instructor ratings from CNCC in Rangely, CO as well as a degree in Aviation Technology. Having learned to fly in the mountains of Colorado he is truly at home flying over the breathtaking landscapes that Colorado has to offer. Shon is ready to share his knowledge and passion for aviation with his students.