Services including aircraft acquisition, management, and professional crew.


Rental Airplane

Professional Crew Services

Crestone Aviation can provide 24x7x365 pilot services for your multi-engine turbine or single engine aircraft. Let us take over the responsibilities associated with a safe flight while you entertain guests or catch up on rest from a long day of work. We can schedule the flight, contact passengers, arrange for ground transportation and lodging. We also offer aircraft relocation and ferry services for those times you have to leave an aircraft behind or need a recently purchased aircraft brought to you.

Aircraft Log Book

Aircraft Management

Owning an aircraft is a rewarding experience, but taking care of an airplane can be a time consuming task. Crestone Aviation can keep your aircraft ready to fly. We will manage your record keeping, schedule maintenance, keep your aircraft clean, and ensure your airplane is fueled and ready for flight.

Aircraft Log Book

Aircraft Acquisition

Whether assisting businesses or individuals on acquiring a new or pre-owned plan, Crestone Aviation provides excellent service and experience. We work with our customers to establish their objectives in an aircraft and strategically pick an aircraft that will meet flight patterns to be productive and save money.

Additional Services

Recording Keeping & Tracking

Keeping your aviation records is mandatory. In order for an airplane to be able to lift its wheels and prove that it is safe to fly, its records must continually be kept up to date. Keeping track of flight hours and Air Directives can be a full time job. Crestone Aviation will make sure your aircraft’s records are updated and in compliance.

Maintenance Coordination

Understanding aircraft maintenance can be confusing. We understand aircraft and repair bills. Let us help save you money on maintenance and ensure your airplane is taken care of properly.

Database & Chart Updates

Flight databases and charts are important to completing a flight safely and can ensure you avoid an airspace incursion or pilot deviation. Keeping your airplane databases updated is a time consuming process. Crestone Aviation can ensure your databases and charts are updated regularly.

Flight Prep

We know that the fun part about flying is actually flying, not making sure your airplane is prepared to fly. Let one of our instructors pre-flight your airplane and stage it for the flight. During this time we will:

Aircraft Ferrying

Have you just purchased an airplane and now you need it delivered to your home base? We can help. We provide aircraft ferrying and delivery services for maintenance, sales, and recovery.